My Parents Brought Me Corn !

Corn on Cob – pic by yrcg

My parents went to the flea market over in Deland just killing time waiting on a pool pump to be repaired for a neighbor and while they were walking around they saw  a vendor selling the first fresh corn of the season.

 Well, Mom and Dad got carried away in the excitement of such a good deal on the corn that they bought 50 ears of corn. After they loaded the corn up in the car, Dad asked Mom, “What are we going to do with all of this corn with only two of us?”  (This description of events was from my father when they arrived at our home)

Answer: Take it to Carol.
Mom and Dad kept  20 ears to put in the freezer for themselves and brought the other 30 ears of sweet  corn out here to me. Now I wanted to make some roasted corn salsa, but not all of the ingredients are quite in season yet and I like fresh in season  ingredients for my salsa so that I preserve all those great flavors when I water bath can my salsa.  I still have corn-on-the-cob in the freezer from last fall so don’t need anymore for the freezer as of yet.
I went ahead and cleaned all 30 ears of corn and then steam blanched all of the corn for a total of 8 minutes per the Ball Blue Book directions for preparing corn for freezing.
I had to eat one ear to check for quality control! Rod and Jr had left to go bowling so they were nowhere around to help in the quality control tasting.  Boy, was it sweet and juicy, no butter needed as the corn dripped down my chin. ; ) 
I decided to go ahead and dehydrate the corn to use later in my soups and corn fritters. 
Here’s the process:
  •  Clean corn and steam blanch the corn for 8 minutes. I did this a few ears at a time as my stock pot is not real large. As the corn was done steaming I placed the corn on a large platter to cool.
  • After all of the corn has been blanched, I carefully cut the corn kernels off of the cob into a large bowl. I used a coffee cup in the center of the bowl and placed the corn on the cup and cut corn off and the kernels dropped in the bowl.
  • Once the bowl was full I placed cut corn onto the non-stick silicone sheets of my dehydrator and placed the trays into the dehydrator.


  • I dried the kernels at 135 degrees farenheit per my dehydrator for fruits and vegetables until the kernels were completely dried.
  • Some of the corn was very juicy and after being in the dehydrator for 10 hours, I replaced the silicone trays with cheese cloth and scraped the corn kernels onto the cheese cloth for more air circulation.
  • Time frame for 29 ears of corn was 16 hours total.

Final product was 2 quart jars of beautiful dried corn waiting for future recipes.

                          29 ears of corn in 2 quart jars – yrcg


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