Dance at Double LL’s – 4/23/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

Just got in from the dance at the Double LL’s Club at the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville. We had a great time . When we got there Larry was teaching Relay The Duece and then he taught the class Load The Boat.

A great thank you goes out to Bruce, Saundra, Herman, Sherry, John,Sue, Bob and Larry’s wife Lori helping to complete a full square plus one couple to trade-off.
Matt and Megan left early after the workshop to take Little Mason home.
I hear the Little Mason will be 1-year-old May 10,  so an early Happy Birthday out to him. Time sure does fly!
Rod called two tips, including his two newer songs that he has been perfecting  ” Stand By Me ” and ” Neutron Dance”  with Larry and Lori  dancing in the square. Rod and Larry closed out the evening  with I’ll Fly Away.
Since so many of the club members are leaving for vacations or heading north for the summer Larry and Lori have decided to close the club for the summer and start back up again this fall around September 24.  We will be having workshop classes in Deland during the summer for those dancers belonging to the other area clubs that also close down for the summer. More updates on those workshops to follow later.
Well, that’s it for tonite, I have to get my feet rested up for the dance tomorrow. Until next time , sending out a “yellowrock” from me to you.
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