Dance at Garden Patch Squares 4-21-2011

Rod calling

Well, Rod had to go it alone last night as I had to work in my computer getting a report done so as I slaved over the computer doing my research everyone else was having a great time out in Ocoee. Sounds like I missed a really great time.  

Rod reported to me that they had a good turnout at the Garden Patch Squares with Rod having workshop calls as soon as enough dancers arrived for a full square.  All of the dancers arrived for the regular dance around 8:00 pm. The Garden Patch Squares had two squares dancing during much of the night with two other couples available for trade-off when someone needed to rest.

 Rod made sure that everyone had a great time playing some rock and roll and country music during breaks including the old classic “Wooly Bully”. He had help with some line dance moves from Norma Newton, who lead the dancers in two line dances “Last Cheaters Waltz” and “Cornell Crawford”. Rod sends out an extra BIG thank you and “yellowrock” out to Norma for the great help with all she does in making every dance she attends a fun dance and a great success. 

I also heard that it was Martha’s birthday and Rod played a round dance
 record and danced with her to the tune of ” Tips of My Fingers”. 
 Happy Birthday Martha!
It  sure sounds like everyone had a great time and I am sorry that I missed the dance, maybe next time. I want to thank all of the dancers for supporting Rod in his calling as he really enjoys the calling as he  tries to be sure each and every one of you has a great time.
Rod & I will be dancing at the Double LL’s club  in Barberville tomorrow night at the Pioneer Art Settlement and we will be dancing at the Casselberry Hoedowner’s on Sunday afternoon, so I will be making lots of meatballs tomorrow afternoon for the Easter Dinner. 
Until I see you in a square, line or round dance here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you.  
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