Daylilies in Bloom

No Name Daylily - yrcg

These daylilies I planted about 3 years ago, they are just now getting large enough to start blooming. They were supposed to be pink daylilies, but as you can see they are sort of a peach blush so I don’t know what the name of these are. I still like them, maybe better than pink! I have other daylilies that will start blooming later this summer that bloomed last year that smelled like lemons.

They always take everyone by surprise when they smell them as most folks do not know you can get daylilies that are scented. And I love all kinds of scented plants in my gardens be it herbs or flowers.

In the background of the daylilies you will see a green and white striped plant which is a “pink” pineapple that my sister gave me that came from Hawaii. I hope it blooms and produces fruit one day so I can get another plant going. The plant has wickedly sharp thorns and I try to stay clear of it!

Well hope that you folks all have a grand day in your gardens. Until next time sending you a “yellowrock” ; )

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