Jedidiah Redrock and my strawberries

Jedidiah Redrock guarding my strawberries - yrcg

I want to introduce everyone to Mr Jedidiah Redrock, he has been traveling around in my gardens for the last 5 years as you can see his attire is getting pretty worn. I love the garden gnomes in the garden they just add that extra touch of whimsy and life that is not there otherwise. My family never knows where one might show up.

Mr Jedidiah Redrock is currently on guard of the June strawberries and so far he is doing a good job as the thieving squirrels have not found this strawberry patch. The squirrels have stayed out at the back garden where the spring berries are still producing.

I will be happy if I can get a least a pint of June berries from this patch as I just planted this patch last spring. Once the berries are done here I will move Mr Jedidiah Redrock to another spot.

Do you have any garden gnomes in your garden and have you given them names?

Have a great day in your gardens. Yellowrock.

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