Dance at Honeybee’s ~ 4/18/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Micahel Craft

Rod and I went to the square dance on Monday night at the Honeybee’s Club in Deland, Florida. They had  two squares dancing all night long. Marty directed the line dance which we also danced, I almost had the dance moves down by the end of the song! Rod called his new tip ” Stand By Me” which he is getting smoother each time he calls it.

Gene was working with the class and the experienced dancers on the “diamond” calls, which I did not do too bad with but for some reason my brain was not working completely as I zoned out on a simple swing thru and another maneuver that Gene was trying to workshop but we all had a great laugh and finished the tip on a strong note.
As the dancers always say, if the caller would just call what we dance we would not have a problem! : )
Just kidding Rod and Gene, I think you guys are fantastic and everyone always has a great time. Gene & Rod closed out the night with ” I’ll Fly Away” , their harmony is getting really good. Some of the dancers are beginning to head back north now for the summer and we will miss them all.
Rod will be calling at the Garden Patch Squares in Ocoee, Florida  this Thursday night while Bill & Joann Boyd are off to Las Vegas, Nevada. I will be trying to get my work done so I can go with him and help where I am needed since that is part of being a TAW.
Rod & I will be dancing at the Casselberry Hoedowner’s on Sunday, they are having Easter dinner first and some dancing afterwards depending on how much everyone eats! 
Well I guess that is it for now. Hope to see you all in a square and until then here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you.
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