Antique Quilt Show at Pioneer Art Settlement

Crazy Quilt 1890s - pic by yrcg

No these are not my quilts, I may be old but not this old! I just love the old antique quilts whenever I see them and while we were at the Pioneer Art Settlement for the Spring Frolic I took pictures of the older quilts that were on display for the quilt show that has been going on during the month of April and are only on loan for a little while. There are other old quilts that are on display year round that were made in the 1930’s and 1940’s which are beautiful as well and in very good condition and I will post about them at another time but since these are only around for a short time I thought everyone might enjoy. The photo above is a crazy quilt block which you know I have a special place in my heart for those. This one was made in the 1890’s and is in beautiful condition.

Basket of Lillies Quilt - 1890s - pic by yrcg

This is a Basket of Lillies quilt made in the 1890’s . The placard noted that this quilt was made by Beatrice Byrd and was on loan from Diana Johnson.

Variable Star 1890-1905 - pic by yrcg

Th placard noted that this Variable Star quilt made between 1890-1905 by Blanche Meadows and was on loan from Gladys Finley.

Texas Star Quilt 1930s - pic by yrcg

The placard noted that this Texas Star quilt was made by Eunice Raulerson Bolin  in the 1930’s and was on loan from Harriet Bolin.

These quilts are in such wonderful condition for their age and you can tell they are lovingly cared for by the fine ladies that loaned them to the Pioneer Art Settlement Quilt Show.

I hope you enjoyed these quilts as much as I did. Until next time here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you.

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