Grilled Buffalo Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings - yrcg

We love chicken wings and have them at least once a week with Buffalo Wings being the  most requested but I don’t like the added calories when deep-frying, the heat in the kitchen and the mess the deep fryer makes with spattering oil. These wings are fast and easy even if you have not planned ahead and have your chicken wings thawed as you can use the frozen chicken wings that are already cut and flash frozen. Okay, let’s get started.

Ingredient list:

Chicken Wings – Amount  is up to you and how many you have to feed. The large bag of frozen chicken wings will feed 3 to 4 people if you love wings like we do.

Butter – Again amount will be up to how spicy you want the wings.

Hot Sauce – We use Franks Red Hot Original Sauce – if you have a favorite or a homemade sauce, feel free to use that.

Get your grill hot and ready to go – this time I used the gas grill so my temperature was at 425 degrees farenheit. You could use a charcoal grill, but I would be sure chicken wings are thawed out first.

Now get the chicken wing sections onto the grill, they can be frozen or thawed.

Chicken Wings on the Grill - yrcg

These wings were still frozen. After wings are on the grill, cover grill with lid and go in the house for a glass of iced tea or beverage of your choice. After about 10 minutes turn the wings and replace the grill cover. If you have a problem with the wings sticking at first use a spatula to loosen and turn over once they really start cooking they will be less likely to stick and then you can turn with tongs. You can also use Grill Cooking Spray, but the wings just don’t seem to get the pretty grill marks on them when you use the non-stick sprays. Usually while I am watching the wings I talk to our African Gray Congo parrot who is on our back porch as he is always asking me what I am doing!

Meet Sir Grey Lancelot AKA Grey our parrot - pic by yrcg

Now Grey is a very observant supervisor while I am cooking on the grill as you can see. He’s letting me know it’s time to turn the wings again.The wings took about 35 to 40  minutes to completely cook, just keep turning until good and done and juices run clear, the smaller wings will cook quicker than the really large ones.

Chicken Wings Looking Good - Got to make the Sauce - pic by yrcg

 I got the large pot ready at the grill for my butter and Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce. We like ours spicy so I used 1 tablespoon butter to 1.5 cups of the sauce. I know that sounds like a lot of hot sauce but we are so used to Franks Red Hot Sauce we sometimes use it straight with no butter. If you like your wings mild I would use 4 tablespoons of butter to the 1.5 cups of hot sauce and taste the sauce before you add the wings to see if it is mild enough or if you need more hot sauce as everyone’s taste buds are different.

Hot Sauce & Butter - Yummy Goodness for the Wings - yrcg

Once you have the sauce to the spicy goodness that you like, start adding the grilled wings to the pan of hot sauce as they get done and toss the wings to coat them with the sauce. Once all of the wings are in the pan and all are well coated with the sauce you are ready to eat! I also grilled some garlic toast to serve with the wings.

Grilled Buffalo Wings - yrcg

I served these wings with grilled garlic toast and Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer,which is an old-fashion soda made with pure cane sugar that tastes like root beer, this soda is so good though not available in all stores as of yet, at least not in Florida.

I hope you give these grilled buffalo wings a try. The deep-fried wings are good but the grill gives the wings a whole added dimension making these wings so tasty along with being  much easier on clean-up and faster to the table after a long day bringing home the bacon and who doesn’t like grilling!

Until next time here’s sending you a “yellowrock”.

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    i really love to munch buffalo wings, they are quite tasty and easy on the pocket too..

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