Dancing at Spring Frolic ~ Pioneer Art Settlement

Rod & I at Pioneer Art Settlement after square dance demo -yrcg

We had our demonstration at the annual Spring Frolic for the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville this morning. It was a great time dancing with the Double LL’s club. With thanks going out to Larry Ford the caller and his wife Lori Ford and the dancers; Sherry,Herman,John,Sue,Bruce, Saundra, Matt ,Megan, Rod and I. Since we were dancing I have no pictures during the demo and this picture of Rod and I was taken by a friend with my camera after the dance. Our demo was to let the public see the style of dance that was typical for western dance and that it is a fun activity. We hope to get some interest from the observers for a future class of new students. There was a lot of live music playing everywhere with violins,stand up bass and box guitars and very talented singers and musicians playing gospel, bluegrass and western music of all types. The Pioneer Art Settlement has some very talented cooks as well serving bar-b-que to those who were hungry.   After the demo we walked around the Pioneer Art Settlement to see all the exhibits about life back in 1800’s to early 1900’s. If we had to rely on getting our work done nowadays like they did back then we probably would not get much done. It is fascinating how they did so much with so little.

Blacksmith Jordan Thomas - pic by yrcg

 Jordan Thomas is a square dancer from the Middleburg, Florida area who is also a blacksmith and was giving a demo on the fine art of blacksmithing and here he is making a meat fork. It was quite fun to watch how a piece of iron can be turned into everyday items. He was not able to dance with us as he was way to busy as you can see. The children were very intrigued and excited about what he was doing.

Antique Washing machines- pic by yrcg

My mom used to have a wringer washer when I was younger and we hung the clothes on the line. There is no fabric softener out there in a bottle that smells as good as fresh air and sunshine on your sheets. The jeans can be pretty stiff though! But I am spoiled with my automatic washer and dryer, but if hurricanes comes thru like in 2005 I do know how to wash by hand. 

Fishnet Maker - pic by yrcg

With the way I get distracted sometimes with my sewing projects, if my family had to rely on me completing a full-sized fishing net to go fishing we would probably starve!  This is one thing that I had never even thought about that had to be made back in the day. I do know how to use a cane pole and hook a worm and stand along the bank all day long, then I would be thinking about all the laundry I needed to get done, the food to cook…

Broom Maker - pic by yrcg

This guy was making the straw brooms, which you can still buy in the stores which are good sturdy brooms for your porch or shop. I thought seeing them being made was really cool.

Pioneer Fire House - pic byyrcg

Here is the old fire department.The fire truck does not look like it would get to a fire very quickly, they also offered first aid at the fire house.

Old Whiskey Still-by yrcg

Here is the old whiskey still. This one does not look like it would have been easy to hide from the law!

Gospel Singers - pic by yrcg

Here are the gospel singers performing in the old school-house before we did our demo. They had great harmony.

Antique Car at Spring Frolic - yrcg


 They had lots of these antique cars for the 1920 and 1930’s , this car reminds me of that movie from quite a few years ago called “Driving Miss Daisy” 

Covered Wagon - yrcg

 You can’t have a Pioneer Day without the covered wagon can you! Not quite what we are accustomed to nowadays. I did not see a radio or GPS connected to the wagon or a DVD player to keep the kids quiet during the long ride across the Oregon Trail! That had to be one long hot ride. We had a great time and wish you all could have been there, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a taste of days gone by. Until next time here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you.

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2 Responses to Dancing at Spring Frolic ~ Pioneer Art Settlement

  1. Saundra Higgins says:

    t hanks for all the gardening tips and your patience teaching us how to square dance love your website

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