Gardens as of April 15, 2011

Back Garden 4/15/2011 pic by yrcg

The gardens are really coming along. We have tomatoes on many of the plants, yellow wax beans, little cucumbers, little green peppers. The okra is still small but first small blooms are already coming on and the potatoes are getting ready to bloom. The Abrahm Darby rose, daylillies,african iris and the volunteer verbena are blooming and the butterflies are having a heyday. I just love being out in the garden and the temperatures have been really nice this week and it is currently 77 degrees outside at 10:17 am. Last weekend we had scorching 90’s , way too early for that but gives a taste of this summer.

Abrahm Darby Rose blooming on the garden trellis . Wish you could smell this rose, it is heavenly. Pic taken by yrcg

Okra Blooms pic by yrcg

This is Clemson Spineless Okra can’t wait until I can have fresh fried okra. Yum! I know there are other ways to eat okra like a nice spicy gumbo and pickled okra which I may try to make this year but fried okra is my favorite.

Pickling Cucumbers pic by yrcg

The pickling cucumbers are about 1 inch long, looking forward to dill pickles, sweet pickles and relish for my summer hotdogs. I have regular cucumbers on other side of garden but they are just blooming and no baby ones yet. 

This is the first year that I have sweet green peppers in the garden before July. They are usually so slow in taking off. They will be nice in salad and I will dehyrdate most for pizza sauce and chili later in the year.

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes pic by yrcg

The cherry tomatoes are here as well. These will probably not make it into the house as I have to conduct quality control taste tests in the garden on the first cherry tomatoes of the year!  Looks like another week or so and I will get my first taste of a garden tomato. Well, as you can see the garden in progressing and if you have a garden no matter how big or small have a wonderful day digging in the dirt. Until next time here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you.

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