Dixie Squares raid the Hoedowners 4/10/2011

The Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach raided the Casselberry Hoedowners yesterday afternoon to take our banner.  We had a wonderful dance including  the diamond turn line dance to “Rose Colored Glasses” cued by Norma Newton, the other line dances I have too many  left feet to try yet!!

Dick Nordine called the rounds and we danced to a new favorite to add to my request list “All That Jazz” along with many other round dances that were lively and peppy.

Gene called a lot of fun patterns for the main stream and plus dancers in the hall and Rod called “Stand By Me” although it was a slightly different version from Saturday Night.

After all of the dancing we were all treated to HoBo Stew with Tim and Julia being the chefs. I would elect them for an episode of Top Chef !

We have already scheduled a rematch for a raid back to the Dixie Squares for June 16, 2011 and they are having “Pie Night” so you know we have to go and taste all their pies and see if they truly do make the best pies in Florida as they claim! Like I said we square dancers really like to eat!

Until next time. Sending you a “yellowrock”.

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