Quilt Top Progress

Quilt Top - Hand Quilting

 This quilt was a block of the month quilt from Joanns Fabrics called Countryside Cottage  that I bought way back in 2004 and over time off and on I would piece the blocks together. I finally got the blocks all completed in 2008 and then they set in my sewing basket as I got off on another project.

 This quilt that side tracked me I needed for our spare bedroom that I wanted in a western motif, the pattern was from Quilt World magazine I think.  I had machine stitched and then hand quilted the entire queen size quilt which took about 2 years , since I get distracted. 

Horse Quilt from Quilt World Pattern

Hey I am a Gemini and I am always working on 10  different things at once !!  Last fall I finally decided to get the blocks sewn together and I have had the quilt layered and on the quilt frame since December. This one is also a queen size quilt that I am  hand quilting. I like the hand quilting better for the quilts as they just seem softer to me when they are completed. The house quilt will be for my son and his wife. I know the quilt has a different name but I am calling it “Home Where The Heart Is’ as they are in the military and I want to quilt the addresses of all the places they have lived since they got married and being in the military. I almost have the center from top to bottom quilted and maybe with this blog I can keep focused enough to finished before another year goes by!!

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2 Responses to Quilt Top Progress

  1. Annette Rolfes says:

    Carol, your quilts are beautiful, especially the horse one. I will keeping checking to see what else you post. It’s all so interesting.

    • Hi Annette,

      Thanks for the comments on my quilts. The horse quilt is my favorite right now. My very first quilt that I completed back during Hurricane Frances of all times to be working on a big quilt when it is 95 degrees outside and no electric was a “Barn Raising” Log cabin quilt that is on our bed so that quilt will always have a special place in my heart. It is true that each project always has special memories. Thanks again for checking out my blog and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am working on it. We had a great day dancing with you and Ron today and hope you have a great week. Yellowrock !! Carol

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