Paul Place Memorial Dance


Well , I am a bit late getting this post up about our dancing on Saturday as our internet service has been very sluggish and slower than dial-up, if you think that is not possible, it is !! It can drive you batty. The times we live in when we expect everything to work fast !! ; ) Any how …

 We had a great time at the dance on Saturday night for the Paul Place Memorial Dance at the City Island Recreation Center in Daytona Beach. They had a good turn out with six squares dancing at one point in the evening. The callers that donated their time to call to all of us dancers were , John Swindle of the Dixie Squares, Whit Brown of the Whirl & Twirl , Bill Boyd of the Garden Patch Squares and Rod also called.

Rod called a plus hash tip and called a singing tip to “Ring of Fire” and then the four callers closed out the night with ” I’ll Fly Away”.

The round dance cues were done with records by direction from John Swindle’s wife, Gail Swindle. The ” Traveling Hoedowners” were in attendance and Rod & I got to dance with Michael & Alice Craft.

The rest of the weekend was slow with no other dancing but I am looking forward to the dance on Saturday night 4/9/2011 when Rod will be calling the entire dance for the Pirates in Winter Springs. I have to remember to take my camera !

Until next time. Here’s a  “Yellowrock” from me to you.

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