Crazy Quilt Square # 1

Crazy Quilt Square # 1

Whenever Rod & I are headed to a dance or to a long distant scanning job or long trip on vacation, I am usually reading a magazine or crocheting. You can only read magazines so many times and crochet only so many afghans  so I have started this crazy quilt with my fabric scraps in keeping with the southwest, country and native american themes in my home. 

This keeps my eyes and hands busy so that I don’t have to watch the traffic on the interstate, I like back country roads he likes the interstate.  I am not saying that Rod’s driving scares me, Rod is an excellent driver he used to be a semi-truck driver and a race car driver  it’s the rest of the drivers out there texting, eating, driving and reading all at the same time that scare me to death and when I move too quickly it makes Rod jumpy and he tells me to keep on sewing this also keeps me from wearing out the imaginary brake pedal on my side (passenger side ) of the vehicle!

I have gotten some tips for stitches on the internet, others just seem to evolve. The horse-block was supposed to go into a different wall hanging that I had ordered the pattern from Southwest Decoratives but after making the blocks for the wall hanging I did not care for the end product so I will be using the various blocks in my crazy quilt instead.

The lizard patch was one of my cross stitch native american themed squares I made back in 2006 that I fell in love with and then had no idea what to do with so you will see the different cross stitch figures as I progress as they now have a purpose.

This square has lots of glass beads some buttons and my easter cross and the spider web with the black widow spider. This square is done at least for now. I figure if I put my sewing on my blog I can keep myself more on track to completing an actual wall hanging.

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