My Garden in March

The Bermuda Mystery Roses in Bloom

The Bermuda Mystery Roses in Bloom


Rose Arbor

Maitland & Puerto Rico Roses

The antique roses are blooming like crazy after I fed them their spring tonic of bananas, epsom salts and coffee grounds. I never thought I would ever have roses that looked like something out of one of my gardening magazines. The white roses are the old “own root” roses and are known as Bermuda mystery roses from the early 1900’s. The one is called “Maitland” and  the other is known as Puerto Rico which is the one that trails all the way down along the fence . There is also smaller younger rose that is called “Abrahm Darby ” a David Austin Rose that smells wonderful but has wicked thorns and is not blooming yet.

The red bottle brush trees are beginning to bloom and the Monarch butterflies and the hummingbirds are back. I love hearing the hummingbirds twitter all around the yard. If you look close at the bottlebrush you will see the Monarch Butterfly in action.

Monarch on Bottlebrush Tree

The larger tomato plant that survived the winter finally has blooms again, but none have set fruit yet. I have already planted spring tomatoes including “Sweet 100” cherry tomatoes, Better Boys, Arkansas Travelers and one Black Tulac tomato. 

The potatoes are coming along and I have covered them twice already. The lettuce and carrots are nearly ready to be transplanted. The green peppers, cucumbers, okra, green beans, yellow wax beans, celery and onions are coming along. The chocolate mint, oregano, fennel,thyme, parsley and pineapple sage are going gang busters. I have to get the basil in pretty soon. I transplanted the Rosemary into the garden as the bull ants had gotten into the clay pot that was it’s home for the last two years so it is still not too happy as of yet. I planted the bottom half  from a bunch of celery I had used in a recipe and it is coming back to life one of those experiments that actually worked, now I will have free celery! I planted 10 more pineapple tops in the garden all in a new bed so it will be easier to cover next winter, as the cold winter this year really shocked the pineapples but they seem to be coming back and that is more free fruit once they bear fruit in a couple of years.

The strawberries are loaded this year with berries and I was able to actually pick almost a pint of strawberries before the squirrels found them all ! I know for those in our family up north that are still dealing with really cold weather and just dreaming of a garden I hope the pictures will help pass the time until you get to planting. ; )   I will keep you all updated on the garden down here and until next time here’s sending everyone a “yellowrock”!

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    • Hi Regan, Yes it’s ok, sorry the software sent you to my spam mail so I just caught your message. Good luck on your college project. Please send me your source link so I can see your blogs as well.

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