Lots of Square Dancing -3/19 – 3/27, 2011

Rod got to call the entire dance again for the Double LL’s square dance club in Barberville, Florida on Saturday (3/26/11) at the historic Pioneer Art Settlement which is a great place to dance with all of the history of the antique quilts hanging on the walls and Florida history in the other rooms so we get to dance in a museum.

Here’s all the dancing we did over last two weekends , it will make you tired!

Rod called last weekend (3/19/11) on Saturday night at the Double LL’s at the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville. We almost had two squares which was pretty good considering most of the dancers were at the big Shamrock Swing over in Lady Lake. We learned how to dance in a square with 6 couples which was good for making the dancers really listen and not anticipate. Rod and I want to say thank you to everyone who came and supported Rod.

We danced at Casselberry Hoedowners on Sunday 3/20/11 which we do most weekends. I messed up some of the round dancing as I forgot how to complete my solo turning box, right in front of Dick our cuer when I was getting really good at that move! I’ll get it next time! Rod got to call a tip for everyone and he gets better every week.  

We danced at Granada Squares in Ormond Beach Tuesday night 3/22/11, as we are the raid chairmen for the Casselberry Hoedowners,  which means that we set-up places for our club to go and dance with the other clubs in Central Florida and if we are “raiding them” we take their banner back to our club to hang on the wall or we raid them to get our banner back if they have ours. This time we got our banner back from them. We all had a great time and we had two squares from the Casselberry Hoedowners to come and dance at the Granada Squares, thanks everyone for helping Rod & I make it a successful night. These folks at Granada Squares are so friendly and welcoming and always show us a grand time. Afterwards those of us that were hungry after all of that dancing went to Steak and Shake and ate lots of ice cream and french fries! You know we have to replenish after all the calories we burned from 2 hours of dancing, we don’t want to waste away!

This Saturday 3/26/2011  at the Double LL’s dance in Barberville we only had 7 dancers which is not a full square but the dancers were still wanting to dance so Rod said he would give it a try, he actually danced and called all of the hash calls and dance calls with us. We were all tired after 2 1/2 hours of dancing and called it a night.  The evening was beautiful and the stars were all out when we got home.

We danced at the Casselberry Hoedowners yesterday afternoon 3/27/2011.  We had sad news that Mr Pete Shankle the round dance cuer from Whirl & Twirl passed away during the week, and we send our prayers and blessings to the family. We were raided by the Starlight Promenaders of Debary who came to get their banner back from us.

We only have two more banners left on our wall, one from the Pirates of Orlando and the other from the Garden Patch Squares of Ocoee, Florida. We had a great time with everyone.

I requested two round dances , one was a fast moving Fiddlers Polka and the other was mine and Rod’s favorite Last Cheaters Waltz. I also like to dance to Roses for Elizabeth, as we finally have that dance down but most of the other dancers are not too fond of that one! Rod called one of my favorite songs Long Black Train and everyone was able to square dance the entire song with no one breaking down. Good job everybody!

Wow, after remembering all of this dancing I know why my feet hurt! Sending out “yellow rocks” to all of our dancing friends until we see you in the next square or round.

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